No Trust, Liar

Background music doesn’t disturb me

I still write like the poet I am

Think like the man I want to be

Through the memories, they don’t fail

To misunderstand why she gave up

Boys can’t see, but man can feel the struggle

No trust, liar

and I failed to pack a punch

Some days forgive, but years beat the drum

My notes are mellow, my song is drunk

Every single message regretted and love

Undone, even though the line can be rung

The bell is shattered, the beach is overrun

My D-Day happens everyday, unscathed

Is my body, bullet-ridden, Swiss cheese mind

I have no love from God, man, or time

They’re all after me, my breath, my check

And I just hit 20, by 35 gonna hit the deck

The life just takes my soul, have I got any left?

My words don’t revive just compromise

My lies don’t rejuvenate just emasculate

The beast within, till it’s tired of my puny body

Escaping to somewhere I wish to follow

For now, this grave is where I wallow

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