For Naught

It’s for naught, frankly

When I wrote for you, and I

Felt emptied of soul and solace

Just to bring a little shade to you

Were you drier? Happier?

I wanted you to be, I thought I could satisfy

Such a pitiable try

All I did was delay inevitable pain

My particleboard roof came crashing in

Truth is, I couldn’t carry you through

The valley, between sensual and suicide

The highs and lows of our minds didn’t align

I was going to bed, leaving you alone

To dream of someone who would always be


And then, even now, I think of you

Wondering not if you’re thinking of me

What we should have been

But if you’re thinking now, breathing, now

If you’re happier now

I wanted you to be happy

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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