My Side

Starlit nights hide behind plexiglass

Windows, into my soul, these songs

Soil, where I cultivate the words

Springing to life, there’s color in my world

Blackened with trauma that I

Wish to ignore with every breath and bone

I don’t want silence, this sickness

To become my forever home, but where

Can I go to recover, reclaim what’s lost

Misunderstood reasons leave empty hands

This isn’t new, but as the days drag on

Something’s come to the forefront

The firing line is deadly, but so is the grave

When my tombstone is carved, what will

Be upon the stone, what does it matter

Should I ever find someone to be at peace

It’s not jealously, it’s knowing that time

Will no longer support my desires

Woman will not cease to exist, but my cup

Once drained, can never be replenished

I fight dreams, nightmares, and time

Day after day, nights turn to marathon


Is there anyone on my side?

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