lunar loneliness

What’s that sound in the back of my mind

Couldn’t be those demons playing chess

I sneeze, they bless, the knife rushing to ble..

Shit, I forgot where I was going

What’s that song in the back of my Favorites

Couldn’t be you, pictures of you undressed

She creamed, I felt distress rushing to pen…

I forgot where I was going, again and again

What’s that scar on the back of my head

Got sent to the hospital, beatdown no less

I bleed, lest I die in their memory, again

I forgot where I was going

No matter what I write, I’m always forgotten

Once the webpage closes, pleasure is gone

There’s nothing on the dark side of the moon

Just a lunar rover, wandering in silence

Doing the same thing, over and over

Kinda like me, no, just like me

Somebody comes every once in a while

To “see how I’m doing”

But then they go back to their home planet

And I’m left alone in the darkness

Guess I didn’t forget where I was going

I just never had anywhere to go to start

4 thoughts on “lunar loneliness

  1. How many of us truly feel seen? Yet, we obviously are making a tremendous impact on our home. Whether good or bad, we are living. We hear you Devereaux. Keep writing. Find peace in your creativity and the peace will slowly spread. 🌊🐚🕯

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