anyone care?


Take a listen to my barely beating heart

It’s gushing agony, while crimson memories

Stain what’s left of my skin

Scorched from heat-seeking stares

And left unseen is a dream crushed by fiends

I’ve always had stories to tell

but my head dwells on their satisfaction

Dissatisfaction, raining down on me, a Calvary

Of ambiguous negativity, paraded as console

They really just wanted to see me bleed


Guess what? It worked!

My foreplay is a wordsmith spitting

what you take in your hands, my strife

mixed with cynicism found only in the insane

Drench your eyes in it, now I’m making it rain

Don’t put the name down, just raise it up

Like the liquor in my glass, drown till you pass

Out on the correctional office steps

Does anyone care if anyone’s a wreck?

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