standing beside you

Drip, drop

Go the tears in her eyes

From him to them, the familial lies

Scattered throughout houses that

Never amounted to homes

She never wanted anything but a break

From the shaking, the sleepless nights

Being told it’s alright

Sometimes, all the heart needs to be told

Is that, yes it is bleeding, and it hurts

But someone is beside you, to guide you

One day, the pain will subside

And you’ll be happy again

Truth is, we don’t help each other enough

And I failed to see the sadness, I only saw

My chance to prove a point

And not a person that needed a hand

I watched you tell your story

And felt the blood on my wrists

I watched you cry, I heard you try

Now I can’t let you die

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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