lost and drunk

This is 80-proof, the one that might let me die

and sure I’m underage

But when did law ever start caring about me

A law that lets society treat the mentally ill

As second-rate punchlines in daily routines

Designating us to sectors, and a life lived

As if we’re completely sane

Maybe they’ll remember me if I did something

Wild, irreversible and cruel, children butchered

But that would only mask the reality

That I’m lost in a world that’s too busy

Unloved in a world full of fantasy

Unfettered are thoughts

unashamed of my minds

I beseech heaven for some peace

And instead of a lover they sent me rhymes

To fill my heart with joy and content

And for a few seconds ignore the bleak

While the world’s flipped on its head

I for once just may be ahead

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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