i don’t own any

Love me or leave me

Why the fuck did I ask that, I know

That’s too easy a question, you see

I’m not quite disaster, yet never desirable

More waste than an object to be chased

I can’t put the brakes on your objections

(I don’t own any)

And there’s not a paycheck given

That would buy me a drop of continuity

One moment sane, the next senile

I’m a bastard of my nightmare’s making

It’s your bed, but I’m damn gonna lie in it

Cause you wanted to want me but not me

You loved the idea of me but not me

My skin color drew you, but the blood beside

Just boiled yours and drove us elsewhere

Maybe tomorrow when I’m better

But every year feels like yesterday, and here

I’m still the same

Is it me that needs changing

Or them?

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