you want me

Misery, you just want to shine

So desperately, 2019, do you crave

To take my spirit and soul into darkness

I took some losses to you, but I found

Even in the depths, I could see clouds

It’s here

Where you realize what you’re made of

While I found old flames that smoldered

There was rediscovery of friends

Kindred spirits on which I could ride

And rise, though the shadows wanted

So badly to bring me down, my doubts hover

My nightmares smother, and my mind

Loves to tell me that she don’t care

But I always known that was a lie

The past, keep playing tricks on me

But I’m smarter than you’d think, and I

Have some wits up my sleeve

I’m not a believer in people but passion

And forces of equal and opposite

Create reactions that inspire

Even in the night, there’s light

Even in death, there is blood

Don’t waste the air given today

Will it be someone else’s tomorrow?

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