Arrest these emotions

And you’ll have the cuffs instead

Took me on a ride, I was young

When you’re little, the destination

Trumps the journey, the command

“To look away while I do this”

Is immaterial to the joy of being done


Was he? Could I go back to being a kid?

I didn’t know, but now I’m an adult

Fuck the destination

if I killed everybody along the way

Who was I? I’m back at my home

Pretending not to know what was happening

So I turn my back on tomorrow

And embrace everyone I meet today

Will I see the sunrise? Will they?

I don’t want anyone to cry to sleep

Like I did, hoping every touch

Was a dream, and I know now

It wasn’t

But just like the pain was real

So is my recovery

I still remember what’s been done to me

But I can’t forget the promise

I’ll never flood the world again

(He didn’t say his enemies wouldn’t die)

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