Crystal Cavern Hearts

if I asked for residency

inside your crystal cavern heart

would you tell me no?

I’ve broken myself

to simply marvel at your castle

now I’m asking you

lower the bridge, let me cross

let. me. in.

you’ve been so silent, so distant

and I wonder less and less

if it’s me

is it just this time of year

the cold has driven us inside

and maniacal laughter stirs

the despots, the gunners

to create havoc and pavements

littered with young hearts

can you tell me where you’re going

or where you’ve been

I’ve always enjoyed a story

what better way to spend my days

than listening to the song

of a human I’d very much enjoy

taking with me one day

not on a magical journey

but to simply say

I appreciate you

don’t ever leave your true self

even if you have to leave me


I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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