Purpose Of Hell

though the present is blurry

she told me not to worry

the past won’t be out future, and alas

I was never more relaxed

poorly watched candles conspire

each time I dreamt and retired

they vowed to set my world ablaze

but bowed and took their place

I could sense the tide, anchors failed

pleading was to no avail

promises have never meant so little

moving in and out was never so simple

highways and hilltops led to our love

border crossings cannot be undone

I was desperate for us not to fall apart

in my earnest I pushed you to the start

the trauma, the accusations

we were not one, just mingled deprivations

breaking each other down with each day

I had to fix myself, so I went my own way

just for a time, no beat, meter, or rhyme

I had to find the love inside and realign

to you, my true, and only friend

isn’t it the purpose of hell to make us ascend?

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