If I Were A Quitter

testing, testing

one, two, three

that concludes the mic-check

thank you

just kidding, you didn’t think I was a quitter

did you?

judging by the people that have walked out

and the ones that chose others instead of me

I’d say

quite a few

tomorrow is today, painted over with in red

Clearance! Everything must go!

Including but limited to

My sanity, confidence, and trust in anyone

Even myself

crows flock overhead, and I wonder

what’s the point of having language

if I don’t know how to speak, worse yet

why was such an ugly creature like me

given the beauty of voice

why is every day a tug-of-war

with what I think I am, know I am

and wish I could be

why is conformity such an awful weight

and uniqueness a forbidden mark of a beast?

if I could be your savior

would you fight wars in my name?

if I could be your cure

would you charge for me and hide me away

if I could be your queen

would you set fire to entire nations to please?

if I were a quitter

just kick me off the roof already

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