No More Room

there’s no more winded breath

words left unsaid, feelings left unaccounted for

there’s no anger, no passive jealousy

aggressive tendencies and emotional vortex

check themselves out the door

there’s no more shouting and shunning

I write away my problematic passions

love songs for the insanely captivating

but spiritually, deadly and masquerading

so there’s no more pretending, call love

love, but using someone for your good

to make you feel better about your choices

let’s call that awful

subliminal feelings caught in plain sight

because your wordplay is minimal

your headspace is cynical, not mindful

and falling prey to anyone’s words is easy

if you ask why I’m different, I know you

really don’t know me, because why would I

ever want to be the same, like the world

tossing and turning

I’d get up and ask what’s wrong

maybe someone wants me somewhere

or knows I’m where I shouldn’t

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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