When You Take Care

it wasn’t crystal clear

till the lightly salted tears

eroded the stains

my love, plastic darts repeatedly thrown

at stainless steel bullseye

they don’t care for me that way

I should have never thought they would

everyone is capable, but willing

is a different beast I cannot tame, not for you

I have always wished to be your first choice

not the last resort

but you’ve booked them before, so why bother

to tell me about the other one

and what is to be spoken of myself?

chasing the tail of my own creation

the slightest validation proves its worth

so monsters grow vicious and undeterred

with each purple of sunrise, I do battle

with short-term gains turned long-term gloom

all to save myself from eternal damnation

or, at least, suicide

I’m not meant to find a lover

is no one meant to love me

don’t they become such useless wonderings

when you take care of yourself

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