Reminders Of Us

I wish I could see you

I wish I could feel you

I now you’re hurting, you’re in so much pain

But I’ll I’ve got are these flashing lights

That remind me of you

Driving through the highway, darkness

It’s grasping at my ankles, and my eyes

Are blinded by every possibility

But I think of you and remember

Everything I care here to do

Monsters line my path, endless limbs

Seek to grab me and retreat into the thick

black, nothingness of our space and time

It’s cold, without you beside me

But I remember everything I came here to do

The sun will be upon us soon

Now that I’ve held you, I can’t put you down

Heavy metal and fiery engines roar past

But I’ll carry us from your dungeon

Escape onto the open road, towards home

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