Where She Lay Her Head

she laid her head across my bicep

I never felt so much ugliness and shame

before, I was going through the motions

I didn’t really understand the meaning

of submission, and devotion

but I do now

it follows a beat you can’t keep up with

and a rhythm that’s never been heard

roads winding with echoes, lined with potholes

where the path was trailed and failed

you live or you die, I wished to find in-between

but who really wants love you can settle with?

there’s a mission and I’m complicit in lying

redemption is useless without admittance

that I always needed it in the first place

I didn’t know where she by wanted to take me

and she could hardly fathtom that I wanted

yes, to go with her

the devotion is in knowing

wherever we’re going makes you better

the submission is in knowing

it might make you better too

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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