Trails Of Blue

pale blue skies carry memories

deep seeded, just like the rain washing away

every single tear, can you tell the difference?

she’s behind every one

when I took her behind my head, my world

where the waters green and the sky is red

it was so cold by the waters, but we walked

to the end of the pier and promised

to keep these feelings, the power of love

mountains couldn’t keep us apart, and never

will be too far apart, so when we break down

our spirits tingle and wake us up

nobody talks about the empty walks

how a million calls don’t do your voice justice

it feels so sick to be at your fingertips

and yet forget what it’s like to hold them

who can decipher the struggle of singing

and heard by no one? recorded by no one?

but she can hear me, can’t she

that’s why I keep running

every streak in the sky is a highway

and I’ll run towards you

gravity keeps pulling me down, but

you’re worth every scar and scattered bone

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