Maniac Musings

liquid rubber running down my throat

it stung a little but felt like home

secluded silence right before my eyes

buying me a little more time

I just didn’t want to leave at all

I trip, stumble, and fall

But I love to get back up and run again

Constantly chasing lost time and friends

Bad memories, good drinks, hand in hand

Someone’s lips take me to the promised land

I’m a living, I’m a dying soul

So high, so low, where’s the nearest hole?

She told me never leave her, but we both know

We’re weak, we’re young, the worlds too slow

Sometimes we hate, other times we fuck

We’ve got deep hearts, we love too much!

And we got hurt! Broken by the system

The people who told us, their vision off

Took our dreams, tossed them, lost them

But I found the keys, these words, now I win

I don’t have any trophies, no banners

No ribbons, plaques, or any manners

Shove my way onto the stage, I compete

I want my freedom, I’ll go take my dreams

How many people pray for a new life

And wait for someone to give them the right

I was born with the strength and goal

They started the fight, but I will end the war

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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