Autistic Trips Vol.3-Losing Blood (And More)

Please don’t take your life

You’re such an incredible light

When I met you, I discovered a new part of me

Six years later, and I’m still uncovering you

Don’t say goodbye, cause I can’t imagine

What I’d do to the demons that spurred you

Yes, we bleed, and it seems more often now

Yes, we cry, but I don’t hide them, they’re loud

They’re a piece of a greater puzzle, us

Sometimes I wonder why we ever met

Sometimes I wonder where you are

But everyday thank the stars I love you

I put the bleach down when I found you

I was suicidal, the pain was incremental

And then I’d stumble into a trigger, and time

Melted into crying and letting scissors trail

Over bare skin, and it felt so good to let go

The forearm’s Amazon matched my eyes Nile

I’m telling you, please don’t follow me

Down the Rio Grande towards perdition

It burns now, but you’ll be sober tomorrow

And when you realize how much you’ve missed

It’ll be too late, you wouldn’t have lost blood

But something more important, time

And me,

because I’m with you till the end of the line

Nearly a decade, if you step back

And admire all the laughter and adoration

Of someone I’d never consider a friend

If I’d never met you

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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