Autistic Trips Vol.4-Introspection And Recovery

Awaken from my slumber and it’s half past one

A.M, that is, and I notice my nose has bled

Again and again, I shake off the drowse

I wonder what could’ve necessitated this

Oh, nothing you say? Just the inability

To truly leave my past in the past

I’m always thinking, always hurting

Always crying, though not always writing

I’ve lost a few pages, so wet I couldn’t read

So angry, for years I refused to dream

Lest I’d be taken back into a world of hurt

Excuse me for being antisocial

But the last time I tried to make friends

I got called antisocial

And now I don’t care about who hates me

I don’t even care who loves me

Cause if you did, you wouldn’t have to say it

People and their ignorance infuriate

I want to show them the truth, cause reality

Can’t be described by an NBC drama

Or movie starring Ben Affleck

The truth is in the sadness and the melancholy

The introspection and the recovery

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