Autistic Trips Vol.14-Early Morning Thoughts

Stumble down the steps

Robbed of early morning light, my eyes

Squint to flick the bathroom switch on

Oh, my heart was shut off so long ago

I’m really operating on generator power now

Routine, process, the motions, but truly

No devotion, except to the will to see


I grip the faucet, hot water splash in my face

Black circles underneath once bright eyes

My cheeks are rosy red, I turn faucet left

Too hot, muttered to daddy long-leg

I never resented a spider or two by the mirror

Pests are eaten, and I’m not weakened

By disease, filth, or shock of the heart

I’m simply too exhausted to really give a shit


Is a completely different story, even though

I don’t have any of my close friends near me

I have music, and I will always have the wind

To stir my soul and craft these words

I travel during the day, other times at night

There’s always something to be discovered

Whether by accident, or natural coordination

In the spirit of creation, the art of the fight

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