What Is Love (What You Are To Me)

what makes us deserving?

what makes us worthy

of love, compassion, attention?

for any of us

it’s the conscious choice of the other person

even if we don’t accept it

some people feel compelled or pressured

others see it as an obligation

It’s not right to say that someone deserves better than you

Maybe they see you

as the final piece of their puzzle?

Maybe they feel they’ve wronged you

and owe you much in to make up for the sin

sometimes people love us

more than we love ourselves

it’s weird, and even feels a bit much a times

but then we realize that it’s beautiful

I hope

you continue to find the beauty within yourself

Buried under all the trauma and distrust is something more magnificent

than I could ever put into words

love is a game played blind

heartstrings plucked by voices that we see

not hear

our emotions played by those we hear

but truly lack the vision

to see how cruel they really are

some see hilarity, others see redemption

you love strongly, despite

what people may say about who you love

you choose, because love is a choice

some of those choices can hurt you,

but so many more can lift you to new heights

it all depends on what you let it do to you

I love you because you complete me

but what if someone else did

would I stop loving you?

that is a choice

life is whatever choices we make

if you make good choices

then your life will be as well

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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