You can keep your short distance shit

I’ll work towards my long distance gold

There’s a reason why stars fall from heaven

Not on this sickly, depraved animal

Of a collaboration of gravity and rock

Called Earth, this slave planet

Ghastly and grotesque domestic beings

Snickering and stealing to gain meager breath

Called Humans, supposed geniuses

Just flesh and instincts led by taskmasters

Stop being so fucking distracted all the time

Put on my glasses, and watch the burning

The streets on fire, no need to retire

When a sniper will gladly do the deed

No retirement cake

But do put out a search party

Like I did for my heart, my emotions

I’ve tried to fall in love and fell on spikes

Then I tried to wait for someone to Love

And I’ve counted ten million heartbeats

Ten hundred million stars

Nothing will ever be the same, not after

I fell to you, the pouring rain didn’t stop us

But you intend on doing what nature didn’t

The Lion does not chase what is already taken

Instead, he conquers what is roaming

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