Pieces Of Heaven

God, trade me a piece of heaven

For another look at her smile

The rains beating down on my face

But I’ll stand in the midst of floods for awhile

Anything, just to see her again

I lost her once, to the darkness

Let me see her again

Hold her breath in my nostrils

I miss that, I miss that

God granted me a moment of beauty

I held my heart still, waiting for moonlight

But it never came, held captive by her eyes

Arms holding me tight in the twilight

Now I walk the night and it is seldom painless

Menageries of memory cloud my footfall

And when I realize where I’m going

I find myself at the edge of a cliff

If she were at the bottom, I’d fall

What about across? Then I’d fly

But god

What if she never even existed

Who did I ignore in her stead?

So desperate to be together

Because I hated myself

Who did I forget to love?

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