Autistic Trips Vol.12-Blossom

(This post first appeared on Free Verse Revolution:

Volcanoes don’t simply erupt

First, minor tremors

Little samples of an ancient soul

Growing restless

But save for the car alarm going off

Nobody notices a thing

Then, the quakes

Showing different symptoms

Makes people think of separate suffering

I’m suffering from the same pressure

Concentrated, albeit slightly inebriated

Enough pain can turn shame into a drug

Desperate to be loved, they become hated

If I have enough sex, I’ll feel elated

Please don’t let me let go of my balloons

I’m too fucking sick to make it on my own

I’m just riding the wave, like algae

Flotsam in the Bermuda, sinking alone

And just when I’ve been forgotten

I explode

Blossom and bloom in unimaginable light

Fiery graves readymade from internal despair

Nearly stoned, now I implant stones

Inside what were once haughty craniums

Survival requires haste and inquisitive brain

Healing takes bowel movements and pain

And I

After laying to waste to everything I loved

I settle, recover, and begin again

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