Sunlight brings awareness

To the meek and the miserable

No cover of shadow, no alley in which to hide

Sidewalks bear the bloody stench of disgrace

Shame overwhelms the mouth of gutters

Lying in miasmic history

To be feasted upon by vermin

Or are these meager morsels for men?


The ties that bind have been broken

Broken are we from our ties to heaven

Rest assured, the plagues yet to be noticed

They are not coming, but have already

Blue blood drips from heaven’s chandelier

Space stirs the souls of ancient astronauts

And we’re all trying not to die from COVID

4% mortality, yet families are going hungry

Because states won’t open, so who’s working


Justice blind the puppets

Columns of cruelty hoisted on the backs

Of those strung out and left to dry

Those barely breathing would love to die

But medicine won’t let them transform

We are slaves to the law, to the letter

Is there anyone still awake to rise up

And show us better

I'm interested in hearing what you have to say

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