Secrets, don’t lie in the darkness

Stretch through my soul like roots

Reach every cavern of my mind, like branches

Ride on wishes like spiraling vines

Into the woods, I insist

Into my mind you descend

Losing all track of time, carnivorous nerves

Try to hasten my disappearance

Memories that I can hardly replay

Matriculate me down the field

To Tomorrowland, to the end zone

Where I can celebrate in freedom

No need to repeat, no need to prepare

For next week’s opponent

I’d give everything to be a sapling again

Everything I thought would excite

Robbed me of passion, wisdom, and time

Every full bed becomes empty again

And soon, I forget each and every kiss

Like the water beneath our feet

It all becomes too much to control

With every heartbreak

It all becomes too much to hold

Be a young tree

And give it over

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