Speaking Through The Silence

Time steals us away

Caverns of memories lost forever

Without the benefit of a doubt

That we wouldn’t come back to each other

Silence is a dishonest chord

Playing on into the day, ringing loud

Through the dark night of my soul

It’s not are you okay

It’s are



My heart slows down when you speak

Because I know there’s still parts of you

I’ll never reach

One day those secrets

will carry to distant shore

Washing up upon conscious determination

To find everything that puts itself between us

Not as a deterrent to struggle

Rather an invitation to discover

Just how deep you really are

And I

I am the Enterprise

Speeding through the endless void

Beautiful yet breathtakingly humiliating

Reducing my ego to a glimpse of yesterday

We are Hank and Janet

Riding through the Quantum realm

Spectators of the life that tore us apart

Separated from everything that took you

Let’s steal back those moments

And rewrite those memories

So we don’t die alone

But live longer than time itself

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