Through Me, To You

I can’t make you think of me

the same way I think of you

wasted heartache and someone

who just can’t see past their own nose

it’s not my fault

they insist on not loving

but every action has

an equal and opposite reaction

I give, they take

I cry, they moan

in agonizing delight

how easy must I be to fool, to seduce

left by the wayside as they ride with friends

rich at my expense, pockets filled

thanks to my will, I provide, I resurrect



Though I bleed, I also dream

And when they hijacked those, I believed

Even when the world I know is a lie

The wind of the coming storm revives me

I am the storm, and the mock nature

But when reality becomes plastic

Floating in the cosmic ocean of karma

Then maybe they will see

What I always

Have known


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