Devious Men Laughing Delirious

truth offends

while I buck the trend

stepping on toes, snapping necks

the lives of cannibals don’t matter any more

than police officers sucking blood

they create a mess

so we believe we need a savior

government, step in

save us please

we’ll look past the child abduction

pedophiles running the White House?

we don’t even know, even more don’t care

covid’s death rate is barely five percent

oxygen deprivation is one hundred

wayfair does their share

Clinton’s smile and stare

The Bush’s brought down the towers

and Bill Gates wishes to bring the final hour

slaves throughout history

wore masks to signify ownership

why is 2020 any different

we think we have choice

we think we have rights

we think we have freedom

but if Fauci decides whether or not

your family eats today

do you really?

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