Lost And Cold

this world is lost and cold

this world crests and folds

this world stinks and sours

this world gives birth and devours

sink or swim, you’ll find dead bodies

encased in bedrock depravity

always believing

in eternal gravity

dead bodies you used to love, called friends

bodies that wrapped around each other

spaghetti in a riveting waterfall of marinara

delectable, you pluck each string with envy

of the next bite, the best life

is that which is lived today

or so we were told

this world is dying and alive

this world is cunning and thriving

this world is, and always will be

but we can delay the extermination

more is in our hands than we’ve been told

this world?

it’s whatever the hell you make it

4 thoughts on “Lost And Cold

  1. True
    Flowers are Blooming
    No Matter What Human
    To Color
    Words or
    Think As God Just Does IT
    And i’m not Selling Shoes
    Or Any Other Human Tools
    Just Being Barefoot
    🏝 Beach
    i Am Free
    To Color
    “Ocean Whole”
    Just F in Naked God

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