My hair isn’t straight

Needing to be detangled, curls like vines

Wrap around the crown of a king

And it would seem to those who burn

Under the weight of yellow faced watcher

That I would be right to hate my body

Back turned to the mirror, I feel hated

Watched closely by all those who fear

Somehow, darkness in my complexion

Always contrasts with the light of my voice

Surprised that my tone is balanced

Juxtaposed with masculinity

It would seem I was destined to be another

Woman? I’ve been called that before

The art of sport

was never breathed into these bones

I don’t run fast, or shatter glass backboards

But I do make you stop and question reality

If I, created from the cosmos themselves

Never made you wonder if there were more

Then I lessen the unequivocal genius

Paying interest on debt I could never repay

I became a laughter and a lie

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