I Didn’t Ask To Be Born

why does the sun go away

just when I need it most

the aches and pains from the day

need sunlight to be restored

lest I travel on the road of sleeplessness

narcoleptic dreams, eyes closed

yet body sprung and ready to release

I don’t stop moving but when I do

every ounce of sickness stares me down

and sores I never thought I had bleed

I think the devil’s sought me for his home

do I make a good home

or do I forget

to speak out

I endure, I evolve

while they think to spit in my eye

call me blind

did I not ask to be born?

One thought on “I Didn’t Ask To Be Born

  1. There is so much going on here. So much that I don’t understand and much more that I want to comprehend deeper. I know a poet is not suppose to reveal the mystery in their poem, but I would love to learn more about what’s going on in it.


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