I Came, I Saw, and I…

I came/I saw/and I threw the fuck up

this world is toxic/humanity is noxious

the food they eat is rotten/the water is poison

and their hearts are rock/wrought with self

and shame/they hold grudges/they kill

because of rights/they believe men

give them rights/they believe in equality

for everyone except for each other/they steal

that which is not theirs to give/they lord land

and life/imprison the outspoken/they are but

slaves to themselves/yet claim to be kings

and queens/masters of nothing but the idle

the devil toys with their emptiness/their hands

wasted on the stupidest things/useless dances

pathetic pranks/lip syncing, brainless hyenas

the music of Moloch/the clothes of Isis

their signs and symbols of Enlil/but they swear

there is only one god/the hilarity of their lives

the baren consciousness within/makes me

wonder if they were ever alive at all

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