Conditions of The World

I didn’t eat today/I can’t breathe and repass

sit in silence, consume my own thought/no

powerless people struggle/power topples

even the most honest man/poison seeps

through laws and officers/order is not

chaos runs the heart today/and cities

are thick with smoke and sensationalism/yes

man is crooked/but he wasn’t always

truth must become the reigning currency/now

more than ever/we must search ourselves

and rid everything that brings harm to life/any

and everything/the universe says harm no

living thing/everything else is evil

nothing is new under the sun/neither is truth

we are confirmed to die/under yokes we buy

presidents elected not by us/yet we support

corporations destroy the earth/but tax us

to fix it/and not a person can say why

they will claim to be a free man/but in truth

have never known the outside world/slave

in body, but worse/in the mind

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