Reconnecting With The Cosmic Womb

in the middle of the night/breaking ground

on my future/abusive governments

tickle my fantasy/touch underneath my clothes

bite my tongue/tell me I’m not fit to lead

so I break off my arm/to save my soul

and tear out my tongue/my spirit speaks

through energy released in word/broken

bonds are a daily task/but freedom is juice

patching a naked palate/I am old and new

aged and young/because nothing is new

underneath the sun/so too is my pain

passed from vessel to vessel/it must stop

how long must I return/can I stop playing

this simulation is worn out/it’s glitching

giving me seizures/is this Madden?

escape artists are the abused/dreamers

are the molested/desperate to reconnect

with ourselves/mothers gravity calls

trauma would have splinter/I must re-enter

the cosmic womb/or risk being lost at sea

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