Being Black Among The Asleep

If I could ever see/let me not see myself

As a token of society/the typical face

You know, that guy/tiptoeing the line

Afraid to make a sound/stop, drop a dime

Watch their shriveled faces/sink and despair

impact is not measured/it is murdered

in the darkest alleys/or the brightest blocks

if the flame of justice can be felt/stop it

they hiss behind forked tongues/we love cold

dark hearts/stowed about in cavernous skulls

the world has a sheet of ice upon it/and we

are okay with being separated/destroyed

inwardly/masked outwardly

left naked to the day sweats/night terrors

these pangs don’t dissipate/human contact

shunned/I’m left to suffer, silent

childlike ambitions/to be held and loved

forgotten/are we human


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