Drunk Sorrow

I felt an answer/derived from loneliness

I’m face to face with thought, memory/cards

stacked against me/words that fall/people

that fail/what am I today/tomorrow

reaching new heights/I fall and contemplate

the rock which budged under my weight/lose

it/risk being forgotten

maybe I’m not a word man/some emotion

just takes me on a new path/grudges lost

steps promised/things aren’t my way here

but I love the new creation/take a look

blow the dust from the creases/growth

is here/freedom is where I breathe

with care and compassion for the breath/of all

the things that slow me, kill me/it is I

that holds the sword/do I hate my life

enough to kill myself/or hate the system

enough to give myself to save the lot/if I

am gifted/but left under the mantle piece

shame is my calling card/and blood

will be my sorrow drunk for eternity

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