the grass isn’t any greener/it’s hardly grown

brown weeds sink deep/the ground upon

which I stand is crumbs/a little bird pecks

in search of life/but all she finds is death

rising on the wings of eagles/she wishes

to soar from the sin we created/but there

is nothing but blood in our land/in our world

children are feasted upon/within these halls

there is bloodlust and laughter/within

the body of Christ are toddler skulls/roasted

ruins of a race once proud/once a blessing

now a curse/I’d rather be blind

than use the vision handed down/Noah’s flood

couldn’t wash away the sickness/graveyards

are these cities of gravel/monuments erected

to remind us we are still slaves/poke one eye

twenty more wish to consume your soul/be

more than a spectator/believe outside

the specter/dare to imagine, you sick filth

dare to wonder beyond the thunder/and rain

will wash over you a thousand times/no more

constricted by a foul mind/resurrected spirits

fight as if they’ve never known another/breath

as if you would die without/ceremony

is overrated/just live

and each day is a life like one other/tomorrow

I will stand upon a barren hill/with song

I will bring in a new creation/with happiness

I will hold what I have left in my heart/without

prompt from god or man/I am who I am

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